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Screens Integrator by Vivaki Group Austria

Beschreibung des Kommunikationsziels, der daraus abgeleiteten Kommunikationsidee und deren Umsetzung

Mediaplanning used to be thinking in boxes. There was TV budget and a TV plan. There was Online Budget and an Online plan. No mixing allowed.
New digital campaign planning due proprietary online panel to identify target group through a combination of cookie- and panel-data for reach evaluation of every online campaign, to build a performance data-base for each target group, which allows us to develop online reach curves and combine them with TV.
Screens Integrator shows all possible combinations of OV / TV. By integrating Net CPPs and optimization goal, we come up with the optimum OV / TV Mix!

Was macht die Arbeit preiswürdig in dieser Kategorie?

Vivaki Group Austria launched the Screens Integrator – an innovative analysis tool which combines, for the first time in multiscreen area, net reach and GRP levels of TV and Online/Digital campaigns. Within this performance tracking it is also possible to do demographics splits to optimise GRP levels within an audience structure. Due combined GRP planning also a budget proposal for media mix based on net reach increase can be done. This tool is based on a specially developed online panel.

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02.09.2013 - 18.09.2013


Vivaki Group Austria GmbH


Vivaki Group Austria GmbH